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Complimentary Disney Movie Club Membership Offer

One of the most known names on the planet is Walt Disney. The mere mention of Disney calls to mind sweet memories of beautifully animated cartoons, amazing rides at the Disney amusement parks, and, of course, the ubiquitous mouse ears. For almost ninety years, Disney has been synonymous with entertainment, but how did it all start? The Disney story had its genesis back in the 1920's.

Walt Disney dedicated himself to learning the art of cartooning and convinced his brother, Roy, to help him. They co-founded a fledgling cartoon studio in their uncle's garage and went to work. The character for which they are usually remembered, Mickey Mouse, first debuted in a little film called Plane Crazy. A distributor could not be found, however, and the cartoon everyone remembers, Steamboat Willie, was made as a "talkie.

" The rest is history. In 1932 he was presented a unique Academy Award, his first, for the creation of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney went on to earn an unprecedented sixty-four Academy Award nominations, taking home twenty-six of the desired statures. Disney began working on longer movies, including the first of the feature length animated cartoons so sweetly remembered by millions. When plans for the creation of Snow White leaked out, the industry snickered and called it Disney's Folly.

That folly wound up being a enormous from the time it debuted in 1937. Snow White brought in the Golden Age of Disney, and was quickly followed by Pinocchio, Fantasia, and perhaps the most cherished of all, Bambi. Disney never stopped entertaining. Each continuing generation found something to love, whether it was those first dazzling feature length cartoons on the big screen, the black and white Mickey Mouse Club on TV, the popular theme parks, or the computer animated flicks of the new millennium. Many generations of children have now been raised on Walt Disney. Sharing favorite movies and anticipating vacations to Disneyland or Disney World still draw families closer.

Complimentary Disney Movie Club membership makes it more fun than ever to build a collection of favorites. Browsing the huge list of Disney flicks will bring back a flood of fond memories.

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