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Rollicking and Thrilling Fun in Halloween Night

Not only for children, even for grown-ups Halloween day is one of the most exciting and unforgettable day of the year. It is the night of witchcraft and skeletons and a great rollicking fun night for youngsters. Halloween without a party is like bread without butter.

It's a season of witchery and fun that demands we humans forget our hum-drum existence for this one night and join the annual frolic of witches, devils, fairies, and other imps of earth and air. For an evening of rollicking fun invite all your friends and neighbors young and old alike it's one party that all can enjoy together. Turn your imagination loose on decorations. You can be as traditional as you wish, confining your decorations to the usual black cats and bats with black and orange streamers, or you can have very effective decorations with the things at hand.

Shocks of corn stalks banked with pumpkins will change your living room into an outdoor scene. Branches of autumn leaves over the doorways and windows add color. Fat cabbage heads and sturdy turnips make excellent holders for orange and black candles. Shimmering moonlight can be provided by hanging an orange crepe-paper moon in front of a light. With this outdoor atmosphere the tone of your party is set. A dinner strictly on the Halloween side will start the evening off with a bang.

For real fun seat all your guests at one table. Cover it with a Halloween paper tablecloth or plain orange crepe paper. A centerpiece of vegetables with red apple candleholders and orange candles is very effective. Let your fine china along with all the rest of your "best bib and tucker" remain calmly in their accustomed corners while you set your table with shiny tin cups and plates. It's easy to explain that the Halloween witch has made off with all your silver, leaving only the knives.

Serve the food family style direct from the kitchen with no trimmings. A crock of baked beans, escalloped potatoes, and meat loaf served in the tin in which it was baked are substantial mainstays. Make a large flat tin of vegetable salad using orange jello.

Cut it in squares in the kitchen and place it on the table as is. Did you ever eat gelatin salad with a knife? Results are most surprising. Escalloped potatoes are not so hard to manage, but the elusive pea no chance for formality or stiffness. Each diner will be too busy manipulating his knife and laughing uproariously at his neighbor. Pour the coffee from the big kitchen pot and serve the cream and sugar from the kitchen ware. It will occur to some bright guest to stir his coffee with his knife handle.

Soon everyone will be doing it. Each guest is cautioned to clean his plate thoroughly for dessert. When the plates are cleaned pumpkin pie is passed from the tins in which it is baked. At the end of this hilarious feast it will be hilarious I guarantee you are ready for the games which you have planned so that both Grandpa and Junior can enjoy them. For an evening rollicking bang, larger your living room by removing some furniture and stuff, decorate it with some scary and thrilling stuff. Do not forget to hang spider webs in the corner.

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.ezcostumesresources.info/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/


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