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Toddler Toys How to Stay Safe From Harm

Unfortunately, the occurrence of harm coming from an item that is supposed to give joy is all too real and frequent. Taking some preventative measures, staying vigilant and checking each and every toy is the only way to prevent disaster. The absolutely first thing that needs to be done is to check with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission about recalled toys or other products that may cause harm. Chipping lead paint Lead paint has been in the news quite a bit lately. Toys from China have been showing up in the United States and around the world finding unaware parents and toddlers. Lead paint on toys is a difficult thing to see coming but is very dangerous for the toddlerâ??s long term brain development.

Finding out if a particular toy has lead paint on it is difficult to say the least. There are lead detectors on the market today but they are less than 100 percent accurate. Some may dispute this assertion but, for the most part, professional testers agree that the retail testers donâ??t measure up to the â??parentâ? standard.

The best tack to take is to check with the toy manufacturer. There is such a cry from parents that they have gone to great lengths to certify their toys. In this absence, American made toys are a better (but not 100%) choice for painted toys.

An additional point about lead paint is to have an inspection of all painted surfaces within chewing distance of the toddler: window sills, door jams and base boards. Small choking items Small pieces that can be pulled off of a toy or are prone to falling off of toys are a real concern for parents and toddlers where choking is concerned. Often these items are buttons on doll dresses, eyes on teddy bears or small component toy pieces. It is rather amazing the sizes of toy pieces that a toddler can get into their mouth. Often the smaller size toy pieces are recognized but in many cases a toy piece the size of a cigarette pack is at fault. Real vigilance on the parentâ??s part regarding missing pieces on the toy and inspection of toys from play group members is important to preventing a catastrophe.

Magnets sticking together One might think that the magnets used in refrigerator magnet pieces or in other toddler toys would be small enough to pass right through a toddlers system and come out the other end. In some cases this may be true. BUT, in a majority of cases they do not and end up sticking to one another or to something else.

Magnets are a real danger in toys and should be made sure to be secure and out of reach of the mobile toddler. Sounds like a cord Many toddler toys have pull cords attached to them for an audio experience. Many are associated with making farm animal noises or small baby sounds that the toddler may have a particular association with. These cords are often long enough to become rapped around a toddlerâ??s neck causing choking. What is less known is that these same cords often come with a small pull circle on the end of the cord, which can also cause choking.

Additionally, these pull cord items can easily be thrown down or away by the toddler causing choking if the cord is wrapped around their neck, pulled down a stairway if they are carrying it and throwing it around the stair or tend to drag it and it gets caught on a piece of furniture causing a fall near a stair. A fast moving toddler As a parent, you are likely aware of how quickly a toddler can move in their bouncy seat. Now that they are upright and on the move you will need to redirect your vision upward a foot or two.

They can be across the room very quickly and often faster then you can be there if something happens. Baby proofing at this point is key because, at this stage, everything becomes a toy. Wall or counter phone cords should be paid particular attention to as they are of particular interest when they bounce, sway and make you talk and move when it rings (from the toddlers point of view.) But my finger fits Toy manufacturers are generally fairly good at not putting finger sized holes into their toys. They should, however, be paid attention to.

Anything that a finger can get into can cause it to snap off. Checking the crib is also a good idea when they begin to stand or pull up as beads and other decorative items placed at railing height offer good potential for finger sticking. Crisp corners throw nicely At a toddlers age, if it can be grasped it can be thrown. Sharp edges cause pain and cuts to a soft head and body when hit.

There are bound to be accidents but a little foresight can go a long way.

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