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Time in the Breguet style

Whether extra-thin models with manually wound or automatic movements or complicated watches, they are all true to the technical principles, the artistry and the traditional values of the Breguet watch.

'Classique' wristwatches capture the essence of Breguet's original features. In some models, the precious materials used in the past and fired-enamel dials with Arabic numerals will delight Breguet enthusiasts.

An uninterrupted tradition

The Breguet essence lies in a constant process of creation and tireless innovation, always remaining ahead of one's time, while at the same time observing the rules of excellence in engineering and visual harmony which Breguet defined, and which have given birth to the modern art of watchmaking.


Uniqueness and beyond

If there is one field where a seasoned watchmaker feels the thrill of a challenge, it is undoubtedly in that of 'special', often one-of-a-kind models, an area in which the House of Breguet is a past master. Part of A.-L. Breguet's legacy, these limited edition designs include the amazing ' Pendule Sympathique ', a master clock with a housing designed to receive a wristwatch which it rewinds and sets to the exact time, and wristwatches with complications. These achievements illustrate the technical mastery which has been characteristic of the House of Breguet for over two centuries.