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Audemars Piguet watch collection

Because there can be no future without a past, and no identity without living memories, the new Museum now presents over 400 objects, including an exceptional number of models with complex mechanisms . Among the star watches on display is the smallest known minute-repeater pocket-watch - with a diameter smaller than a five-centime coin - crafted by Louis Audemars in 1840. Another prize exhibit is a series of four striking watches signed by L.E. Piguet, each featuring different complex mechanisms.
More recent history is represented by the room devoted to the Audemars Piguet Tradition d'Excellence. This area enables one to admire the four first models in an extraordinary collection representing the purest expression of the art of horology.

The Tourbillons and Grandes Complications rooms also provide a view of the workshops. Visitors can thus observe the watchmakers at work and realise that this museum is above all a place with a welcoming atmosphere and a living tradition that is a world away from the strict, cold feel of certain old-fashioned exhibition areas.